North America Not Cool Enough For WWII “Officers”

Come on, pal...quit exploiting my PAIN!

Come on, pal...quit using my PTSD for profit!

The entertainment industry has taken one of the most intense and horrific time periods in human history and beaten and abused it until WWII ran into a corner and cried.

Then the video game industry tried to redeem themselves from putting out the same game about the same five battles by putting a “twist” on the game. WWII is now dizzier than me after riding the bloody Tea Cup ride. And then, a company FINALLY comes out with a WWII game I want to play.

Kalypso Media has taken the war and pulled back. A lot. Like to top down RTS proportions.  And this is the company that brought us Sins of a Solar Empire, not some hack start up that’s never done a damn thing. Oh wait, they only published it in the UK. Very sneaky that; giving themselves a trumped up resume like that. Anyone know if they’re in any way affiliated with Stardock?(who published all the same games they did, only in North America) According to their press release today:

Officers provides World War II real-time strategy gamers with warfare on a previously unseen scale. Formidable battles are possible, with more than 1,500 units fighting simultaneously across up to 10 square miles of battlefield.

You command the US combat units; your aim is to smash the Germans’ western front. In multiplayer mode, you can also command Russian or German troops. Historical battles such as Operations Overlord, Millennium and Cobra will put your tactical abilities to the test, as you have skillfully to combine infantry, tank, artillery and air troops.

Speed and power will only lead to victory if you extend your troops’ supply lines and capture enemy emplacements and depots. Strategically beneficial high-ground and the varied landscape can be used to your advantage. Thanks to an advanced map editor, you can recreate other historical battles or design your own.

• Historically correct battles, beginning with the Normandy landings

• Infantry can barricade and entrench in houses, trenches etc.

• Up to 1,500 units simultaneously in one sector

• Multiplayer mode for up to 8 players involving Allied, German and Russian troops

• More than 70 different unit types (Infantry, light vehicles, tanks, artillery, air troops, navy)

• Map Editor to design scenarios and missions in either single or multiplayer mode

• Elaborate winter and summer scenarios

• Surroundings completely destructible

• Sophisticated resource management

• Taking of enemy emplacements with house-to-house combat in an urban environment

• Realistic change between day and night

• Combined artillery, infantry and air-force operations

Now with that much depth, this is going to take a fairly capable PC and fans of the “run, gun and pistol whip” method of getting through some of the most dangerous and strategic war maneuvers in recent history. But I think this actually sounds cool. Well, !TOO BAD FOR ME! I can almost hear Kalypso Media cackling in the background.

As of right now, this game is only coming to “select” European markets. All the allied nations maybe?  If that’s the case, I guess we’ll see this game in 2011. Which seems patently unfair since you’re playing as the Americans in the game.

Man, this week is just FULL of disappointing press releases. It might be marketing representative season soon if this crap keeps up.

Oh, and sorry for the lack of pictures or a trailer (official or otherwise) but while the announcement on MCV clearly states the game is releasing on May 15th, their website (which I was directed to for more information, no less) doesn’t even act like the game exists. Curiouser and curiouser.

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Orc Lords: Loot! Level! Build Stable Economic System?

Call me a loser if you will (all my friends do anyway) but as much as I love sniping some random schlub in the head in an FPS…



…sometimes I just want to get knee-deep in economics. Ya know?



Luckily for me, Tilted Mill has come to the rescue. Having already wet their feet with Caesar IV and Sim City Societies, they decided to take a hack at the ‘ye olde’ fantasy strategy. And to mix it up a bit, they threw in a sprinkling of RPG action. The resulting game was Hinterland. You’ve probably never heard of it. I sure as hell hadn’t until a press release came across my screen today.

But the announcement wasn’t even FOR Hinterland. No no, I got it for Hinterland: Orc Lords; which is like a tricked out version.

You see, in the original game you played as the humans aka the “good guys” settling a wild land full of evil baddies that seem irritated that you dared build a town on land they already lived on. Then Tilted Mill decided that people should know that Orcs need a stable socio-economic climate too and set about bringing us the first known instance (to me) of the ORC CITY BUILDING RPG ACTION GAME EXTRAVAGANZA!!!1

I'll need to see your building permit.

I'll need to see your building permit.

If you’ve played the first Hinterland game (all twelve of you) than this explanation of game mechanics is going to look familiar. Feel free to skip:

  • Party-based RPG Action – Variety of characters, weapons, and strategies. Will you lead the charge with a two-handed strike or stand behind the armored herder with your bow?
  • Town Building – Choose who will settle in your town. Arm them for defense, or give them tools for production.
  • Character Development – Command an Orc tribe as Lord or Shaman, or lead a Human village as Human, Dwarf, Elf, or even Undead Warrior. Develop lowly farmers into great warriors. Customize your character to help in adventure or improve village life.
  • Random Fantasy World – New locations with different resources, items, enemies, and challenges for maximum replay. Orc war camps, dark elf raiding parties, goblin infested mines, ruined undead cities, and more.
  • Customizable Gameplay – From hardcore game to a world without raiders, you decide the type of game you play.

Even the undead need a viable supply-and-demand chain to augment their standard rape, pillage and burn. Good on Tilted Mill for being the first equal opportunity employer for the city building genre. Tilted Mill: Breaking Down Barriers – With Excessive Force.

Originally slated for release last month, according to IGN, the most recent release says that you can find Hinterland: Orc Lords in stores or available for download the first week of May 2009. Considering the replay value that seems to be built in, the game looks like a steal at only $19.99.

But if you’ve got the patience of a two year old that got into the pixie stix, or for some reason are SPECIESIST against orcs (you green skin hating prick), you can already download the original, not green version of the game at Hinterland.

Hinterland: Orc Lords is rated T for Teen for Alcohol Reference/Fantasy Violence/Mild Blood.

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