And Now For Something Completely Different!

Oh hai!

I promise, I have not pushed this blog into a corner and forgotten about it. However, I have pushed it into a corner. Life goes on, we go around bends and all that other wise nonsense about the wheels of time.

I have found employment and I love my job. However, it does take up a great deal of my time. If you miss my ramblings or just want to see what I’m up to; I’m working for I Can Has Cheezburger for their farm sites as a content screener. I know, I squeed when I got the job. So, I’m still around on the netz. I can’t tell you all the places I am, (I’m like and internet ninja…HI-YAW!) but here’s a few:

There I Fixed It – My baby is growing up

This Is Photobomb



And many others, but the rest are under the radar for now. ^_~

Feel free to drop by and have a look around. And I haven’t completely forgone my love of games. My brand of snark can soon be found giving gaming news to GEN, so make sure to come Digg me up for the good of all girl gamers. ^_^