About Me

Hello there. First off, congratulations on discovering my obscure blog. I assure you, it is the most awesome obscure blog in all the internets.

So, about me. Let’s see. I’m pretty dull. I’m a married twenty-five year old mother of two. I am currently unemployed (thanks crappy economy) and I’m using the time to pursue a freelance writing career until I get sucked back into corporate America. Hence the origination of this blog. While I have found work volunteering my services to a local monthly newsletter, I decided to reach out to a wider audience by posting my published articles here along with any others that I write to hone my skills. So bear with me, I’m still learning.

But that’s all the boring stuff. Onward. Clearly, I enjoy video games. I got my first system when I was six because no one told my parents that video games were for boys. My love affair with all things pixilated has existed ever since. There is a soft spot in my heart for Super Mario Bros. 2 and Maniac Mansion as well as the unfortunate Sega Game Gear. I loved that thing in all its battery eating glory.

My husband and I own a myriad of gaming systems new and old and have indoctrinated both children, ages 8 and 4, into the ways of the gamer. We’ll try almost anything…myself having the exception of driving and sports games. I’ve nothing against people that like them, they just aren’t for me. Hey, I’m sure some of you will cringe at the fact that I love The Sims 2 and pre-ordered The Sims 3 the day it became available at Gamestop.

When not gaming, I enjoy reading for fun. Fiction novels of the sci-fi/fantasy or historical variety. I’m also a sad nerd that Google’s interesting periods in history for fun. That’s right, I learn for fun. I also like taking my kids to the mall for pretzels or to Target for popcorn ($1 for popcorn and a drink!), shopping online for things I’ll never buy, and hanging out with my in-laws who are much more laid back and cool than my family. (My husband got the crazy in-laws…haha.)

Let’s see…anything else? Oh, my favorite game of all time is Legend of Dragoon. My current favorite game is 1701 A.D (again that nerdiness rearing it’s ugly head). Anything else you want to know will just have to be directed at me in question form. ^_^

Also, feel free to follow me on Twitter. My name there is MildlyAmused because I’m too cool to use the same handle everywhere…or I wasn’t thinking about it at the time.


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