Because “Mature” and “Nature” Are Mutually Exclusive

Quick post. I promise to do a real one soon, but this just struck me as amusing.

Earlier today, EA announced that EA Redwood Shores would be changing its name to Visceral Studios in order to “…reflect the studio’s culture, identity and focus on creating intense action-oriented intellectual properties. Visceral Games is focused on developing best-in-breed action games with state-of-the-art technology, visuals, audio, gameplay and a relentless focus on excellence that spawned the breakthrough, award-winning franchise Dead Space™. The studio is currently working on the highly anticipated games, Dante’s Inferno™ and Dead Space: Extraction, and two other unannounced titles.”

So I’m guessing the logic goes something like this; “Conjuring images like THESE

Giant Tree

…does not mesh well in the mind with games like THIS.”


Lest you end up with something similar to this aberration. Sorry, but if I had to waste almost two minutes of my life, you get to too.

So, I can see why they’d want to change the name to better reflect the nightmares their developers are planning to wreak on my precious psyche. One can only hope that because, “..Visceral Games is located in Redwood Shores, California at the same site location as the EA corporate headquarters. The same location is also home to The Sims™ studio,” that I will have lots of fun and excruciatingly gruesome ways to kill off my Sims 3 families.


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