Viva El Presidente! Tropico 3 Makes Tyrants Lovable Again

Do you miss the old days of the Cold War? The Iron Curtain? Fidel Castro and Cuba being our biggest problem? Well long no more! Kalypso Media has taken up the reigns of the Tropico series. Crush your citizens under your autocratic rule while convincing the tourists that your tropical county is THE exclusive stop on any vacation.

Ahhhh, paradise. Or is it?

Ahhhh, paradise. Or is it?

The official teaser website went up today and can be found here. Anyone familiar with the first Tropico game (or it’s pirate sequel) knows that it’s a strategy simulation. Build your economy, make money and oppress the little people. Or be a benign and loving…and boring…ruler that makes sure everyone is fed and educated.

Based on a scattering of screenshots, the game appears to be keeping it’s top down view but with far more detail and ability to zoom in. For beta images they look pretty snazzy. Having been to the Caribbean myself I think Kalypso is doing a great job of mixing the modern with the dilapidated.

As far as gameplay goes, the staples of all city simulators remain; building enough housing, education and entertainment to keep the citizenry just this side of rioting. Tropico 3 also adds a little bit of “autocratic” flavoring with:

  • Political speeches, edicts and “other” means of influence.
  • Avatar function: Get down on the ground with your El Presidente, walk amongst the little people and change the course of play.
  • A timeline editor that allows you create your own fictive historical events or enter real ones.

For a comprehensive list of features and abilities, check out their website. It’s pretty sparse for now, but it was only released today. I’m sure more tidbits will be trickling down since the game is slated for release this summer.

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2 Responses

  1. Your blogs are always so fun to read, I really like how you use your words. What is this coming out for?

  2. Whoops. I probably should have mentioned that, huh?

    It’s coming out for PC.

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