Odd Japanese Game Commercials

Today’s post was inspired by the good folks over at GamesRadar.com. They ran an article that answered the question, “Why did Resident Evil get a name change for the American release?” and while the answer is available, the real star of the article is the original Biohazard commercial released in Japan.

Somehow that upbeat pop music makes getting your jugular ripped out seem A-OK (insert thumbs up sign here). But it got me thinking, what other video game commercials are we missing out on? Surely the Japanese have others that are so bad they come out the other side as awesome.

Our first contender is Dr. Mario for the original GameBoy. Because nothing says “video games” like synchronized swimming in multi-colored rabbit costumes. While singing.

Next up, we’re reminded why we don’t fuck with Japanese business men. Oh, and buy Metal Gear Solid 3; it’ll give you the ability to sneak up on half naked chicks bathing in the river?

This next video just proves that no matter how awesome Earthbound is (which is infinity +2), watching live action children create a nuclear explosion with their powers brings into question the RPG staple of “only kids can save the world”.

I saved my favorite for last. Legend of Zelda: The Musical!!!1

For some unknown reason, now I want to watch the Thriller video. o_O

P.S. The Thriller music video would’ve made a far better Michael Jackson game choice than what was actually produced. What was SEGA thinking?! Perhaps this was a sign of what was to come. Sonic should have got out while he had the chance.

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  1. This reminds me, when I was a kid I got a “one use only” VHS tape from Sega that essentially was a “teaser” video for the Sega Saturn.

    All I can remember about it was that this freaky bald lady was wearing a hat that made her chrome dome look like the planet Saturn.

    Video game commercials were (and still are in my opinion) one of the worst forms of advertisement. The screen shots either look too good (heavy use of pre-renders) or not good enough. Only Nintendo, with there use of humor really stands out (LOVED the old Smash Brothers commercial where Mario and Pika-Pika-Chu beat the crap out of each other).

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