Mutant Chronicles Invades Xbox Live

Click Here For Official Site

Click Here For Official Site

This is only vaguely related to games, but Microsoft recently released a movie by studio Magnolia Pictures onto Xbox 360. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking because I thought it to: Oh goodie, a half-assed piece of tripe. No thanks.

But then I watched the trailer. Check this shit out!

Sure it’s a B-movie style zombie flick. But it has evil corporations, a secretive religious sect AND special effects that tread the line between awesome and suck. It’s like Lucas made this movie! (I kid…not really…) That, and Hellboy. And who doesn’t like Hellboy?

Anyway, it’s available for download on Xbox Live for 800 points for regular old television and 1200 points for spiffy HD.

Plus, it turns out Magnolia Studios is also behind such awarding winning films as the documentary “Man On Wire” and the highly anticipated “Let The Right One In”

Seriously, what else are you doing on a Wednesday night? Or, if you’d rather wait until April 24th (and get raped by movie theater pricing), Mutant Chronicles will be coming to a theater near you.


Just finished watching it. At an hour and forty five minutes, this movie was extremely awesome. Unlike most composite horror movies, no character is safe regardless of necessity to the plot. Filmed entirely on a digital sound stage, the steam punk effects take on a graphic novel feel that took some getting used to…but I warmed up to it by the time the plot got rolling. Definately worth the $10.

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