Orc Lords: Loot! Level! Build Stable Economic System?

Call me a loser if you will (all my friends do anyway) but as much as I love sniping some random schlub in the head in an FPS…



…sometimes I just want to get knee-deep in economics. Ya know?



Luckily for me, Tilted Mill has come to the rescue. Having already wet their feet with Caesar IV and Sim City Societies, they decided to take a hack at the ‘ye olde’ fantasy strategy. And to mix it up a bit, they threw in a sprinkling of RPG action. The resulting game was Hinterland. You’ve probably never heard of it. I sure as hell hadn’t until a press release came across my screen today.

But the announcement wasn’t even FOR Hinterland. No no, I got it for Hinterland: Orc Lords; which is like a tricked out version.

You see, in the original game you played as the humans aka the “good guys” settling a wild land full of evil baddies that seem irritated that you dared build a town on land they already lived on. Then Tilted Mill decided that people should know that Orcs need a stable socio-economic climate too and set about bringing us the first known instance (to me) of the ORC CITY BUILDING RPG ACTION GAME EXTRAVAGANZA!!!1

I'll need to see your building permit.

I'll need to see your building permit.

If you’ve played the first Hinterland game (all twelve of you) than this explanation of game mechanics is going to look familiar. Feel free to skip:

  • Party-based RPG Action – Variety of characters, weapons, and strategies. Will you lead the charge with a two-handed strike or stand behind the armored herder with your bow?
  • Town Building – Choose who will settle in your town. Arm them for defense, or give them tools for production.
  • Character Development – Command an Orc tribe as Lord or Shaman, or lead a Human village as Human, Dwarf, Elf, or even Undead Warrior. Develop lowly farmers into great warriors. Customize your character to help in adventure or improve village life.
  • Random Fantasy World – New locations with different resources, items, enemies, and challenges for maximum replay. Orc war camps, dark elf raiding parties, goblin infested mines, ruined undead cities, and more.
  • Customizable Gameplay – From hardcore game to a world without raiders, you decide the type of game you play.

Even the undead need a viable supply-and-demand chain to augment their standard rape, pillage and burn. Good on Tilted Mill for being the first equal opportunity employer for the city building genre. Tilted Mill: Breaking Down Barriers – With Excessive Force.

Originally slated for release last month, according to IGN, the most recent release says that you can find Hinterland: Orc Lords in stores or available for download the first week of May 2009. Considering the replay value that seems to be built in, the game looks like a steal at only $19.99.

But if you’ve got the patience of a two year old that got into the pixie stix, or for some reason are SPECIESIST against orcs (you green skin hating prick), you can already download the original, not green version of the game at Hinterland.

Hinterland: Orc Lords is rated T for Teen for Alcohol Reference/Fantasy Violence/Mild Blood.

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