Minion Impossible: Overlord To Set Minions Loose On DS

Cute but evil. Things even out.

Cute but evil. Things even out.

The original Overlord game, released in 2007, was one of the most amusing games I’ve ever played. In a genre filled with do-gooders and hero types, Overlord let us release our inner megalomaniac and rewarded us for it. And while it certainly suffered from its share of problems (most notably the lack of a bloody map!), the stinging wit of the dialogue and plot helped smooth over the bumps. Of course, when Rhianna Pratchett (daughter of renown author Terry Pratchett) is writing the script, satire and dry wit are to be expected.

And while Overlord 2 is in the works for 360 and PS3,  a different story is being penned for Overlord: Dark Legend on the Wii. Nintendo DS owners will also get a chance to explore this hilarious world with the release of Overlord Minions, which is set to run parallel to the Wii plot.

Quite frankly, I’m tickled that the minions are getting their own game. They were a joy in the first game, with their dog like loyalty and borderline combination of cunning and stupidity. A press release by developer Codemasters earlier today gave a glimpse of what gamers have to look forward to:

In Overlord Minions the player assumes the role of the great Overlord and commands his crack commando team remotely. In this 100% touch screen controlled game, the Nintendo DS Stylus is truly mightier than the sword as players use the stylus as an extension of the Overlord’s evil will, commanding and combining the Elite Minion team through devilish puzzles and a huge range of warped enemies to prevent Silas, the head of a new Cult, from resurrecting an almighty Dragon and threatening the Overlord’s totalitarianism.

The Minion Special Farces Team

• Giblet: A brown minion and the main fighter, brave, willing, and a little dumb.

• Blaze: A pyromaniac red minion who throws fireballs as a powerful range attack.

• Stench: A sneaky green minion whose obnoxious‘fart dart’ gases are not only flammable, but can overpower enemies with their sheer toxicity.

• Zap: A blue minion and the mystic shaman of the unit. He channels magic through this body and can heal the other minions, should they be injured.

Whether they’re going into battle, combining to perform increasingly powerful attacks or solving puzzles, the Minion quartet’s on-going banter and playful-yet-ferociously-violent nature perfectly compliments the unfolding carnage of Overlord Minions.
Prepare to battle a huge range of new enemies from infected sheep, goats, spiders, paladins, infected dwarves, mutated trolls, scorpions, winged elves and many more as Overlord Minions launches this June.

Now, if the gameplay sounds familiar its probably because on not-so-close inspection, the mechanics are almost identical to the Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass. This becomes even more obvious when you watch the actual gameplay trailer.

Upon inner reflection, I decided that this is not a bad thing. LoZ:PH was a great game and imitation is the best form of flattery. You are welcome to form your own opinion however. And while Link is the epitome of the lone, silent hero (even when he accepts help, it’s only from clones of himself), the minions are a loosely cohesive unit that never shut the hell up.

With all three games set to release this summer, I know I’m looking forward to saving the world from other peoples tyranny. After all, mine is the best tyranny there is.

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