Video Debuts From GDC 2009

Hey guys. It’s Sunday morning and I’m still only half functional. So here for your enjoyment are some debut trailers for games announced at GDC ’09 this past week.

First up is the latest addition to the Legend of Zelda family. Spirit Tracks seems to be retaining both the graphics and the play style from the first DS game, The Phantom Hourglass. So huzzah for all of us who enjoyed the style and better luck next time to those who thought it was too ‘cartoony’.

Next up we have the new Batman: Arkham Asylum trailer. The game is definitely taking a cue from the movie reboot. Darker and leaning heavily on stealth combat, it seems to be coming together nicely.

And here we have the latest buzz in the gaming industry. A video demo for the new OnLive system. Being touted as the console killer, OnLive will allow customers to play games off of their servers. This will basically  render your computer a TV screen so even if your system can’t handle Crysis, you’ll still be able to play it. Beta starts soon, so leg it on over to their website and sign up if you’re interested in what all the commotion is about.

And finally, for today, the official HD trailer for the highly anticipated God of War III on the PS3. Kratos is just as bad ass as ever and appears to be running at the same frenetic pace. Oh, and his arsenal is finally being given new weapons that can compete with the awesome sword action.

Now yes there were even more wicked videos at GDC ’09. The most glaringly obvious one missing from this list being Modern Warfare 2. I love the Modern Warfare games but everyone and their mother is already talking about it so I figured the point to be moot. If there are any others you feel I neglected to mention, please feel free to leave them in the comment section. 😀

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