Indiana Jones Game Reappears

Hey, remember when Lucas Arts announced they were in the process of making a new Indiana Jones game for the next generation consoles? No? Well that’s probably because it was all over the internet. In 2006. The game was supposed to be developed using the Euphoria engine (same as used in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed) and bring realism in killing Nazi’s to a whole new level. Originally it was slated for release on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Here, watch a clever promotional video for it…

So, it looked kind of cool. Very rough graphically but hey, it was 2006 and in alpha so I’ll cut it some slack. And then things went quiet. Too quiet. Then rumors started bubbling up that the game had been canceled, the team dispersed and the our dreams of playing as a non-Lego form of Indy dashed.

But wait! There is hope. Recently Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings has been buzzing around the video game blogosphere. There was even a neat teaser trailer for it…here.

Hold it! On the Wii? And Playstation TWO, not three? And the DS and PSP? No 360 love? Or gameplay shown in the trailer? What the hell is going on here? Time to dig around.

Okay, so there are screenshots available at the official website and two videos, neither of which feature gameplay. That doesn’t bode well. Game info is also available though no explanation for the change in direction of the game is given.

This news is baffling. Even though Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was almost universally panned by critics, it did gross over $700 million worldwide. You’d think LucasArts would want part of that pie. Of course, insiders are denouncing the rumors that the 360 and PS3 version have been canned but usually when a game goes to ground for this long, its chance of reaching consumers is nil.

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