Necron Goodness

Mwa-ha! Mwa-ha-ha!!

Mwa-ha! Mwa-ha-ha!!

Yes, this isn’t strictly “video game” oriented but I’m shoe-horning it in here. It’s gaming dammit.

SO, back in the day I dabbled in Warhammer. It satiated my OCD nicely with repetative tiny brush strokes and anal attention to distance details.  But I lived in small town USA and GamesWorkshop was but a dream.

Now, my husband and his friends have re-discovered the joy of tabletop gaming and as I type, they are working up a skirmish on the living room floor; codexes and figures strewn about like so many Legos. Two days ago I ordered the Necron codex off the internet. I eagerly await its arrival.

My husband has chosen to create a Tyranid army…basically he is intrigued by playing as the aliens from Starship Troopers. Right down to the black and bumblebee yellow color scheme.

I. Must. Destroy. Him.

For those of you unfamiliar with Necrons, or Warhammer 40k in general, feel free to click on the shiny underlined words to be magically transported to a new page full of more information than you could possibly want and/or need.

So once my codex gets here and I decide what my army will consist of (thinking of starting out with a 1000 point) I will have the pleasure of buying overpriced plastic which I must then put together and paint. GLEE!

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2 Responses

  1. Not all of it is overpriced plastic. In fact, the only plastic necron units are necron warriors, scarabs, the monolith, destroyers, and any of the other units that use destroyer parts like the destroyer lord and the heavy destroyer. The rest are all overpriced metal.

    Also, since he’s playing tyranids, try to keep your forces to mostly your heavy infantry. There’s no point in bringing out heavy destroyers because ‘nids are immune to the instant kill rule. Just bring plenty of warriors, flayed ones, and destroyers. You can sub in some immortals or wraiths if you want a bit more punch for a higher point cost.

    Oh, and make absolutely sure to give your necron lord a resurrection orb and keep your army within six inches of him. That’ll keep your from losing your WBB roll to any of his weapons that deny your troops their armor save. And if you can spare the ten extra points, a warsctyhe for your lord can make all the difference in melee. Nothing can stand up too long against the necron lord when he gets three attacks that will ignore every single kind of save in the game if you manage to score some wounds. Not even cover saves and invul saves will apply.

  2. It’s nice to see someone using the demotivator I made for Necrons =P

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