DSi To Hit American Shores This April



By now, everyone and their mother knows that Nintendo finally revealed a release date and price point for the Nintendo DSi. In case you happened to be not in the internet for the last few days, it’s coming April 5th for $169.99. It will be available in black or blindingly bright blue.

Bloggers and fans have already drawn lines in the sand. Either it’s the holy grail of Nintendo or the seventh sign of the apocalypse. But really, let’s break it down into why Nintendo put out this latest version.


  1. Larger screens: Yes, the concept of larger screens are nice and I would enjoy it, but slimming down the already small DS only makes people with large hands (like my husband) even more frustrated. Convenient for keeping in my purse though.
  2. Cameras: The DSi will incorporate two cameras into the system. One that faces the players and raises some interesting questions about future games and one that faces outward like a camera phone. Some argue that the .3 megapixel isn’t enough to take quality photos. True, but really, are you going to be working on that photography dream with your DS? No, but you might want to take a picture of that cat being chased by a pigeon.
  3. Internet Access: Yes, finally the DS is moving fully online. It will come with a browser and a DS store much like the WiiWare or Apps store on Itunes. Not much of a drawback here considering games will start as low as 200 points or $2. However, with the removal of the GBA slot that does leave some gamers with a bad taste in their mouth that they will be forced to buy GBA favorites all over again. That, and Wii Points have become Nintento Points but will not be interchangeable between systems. WTF Nintendo?
  4. SD Slot: Huzzah! We can store music, movies and games oh my! With the addition of the SD slot, Nintendo overcomes one of the biggest weaknesses of the DS…its lack of storage. Now people can download as many games as they want, listen to music, etc. This brings me to…
  5. Audio Enhancement: The DSi will have features that not only allow the playback of music but also the ability to control pitch and speed. Podcast going through a slow spot? Fast forward to the good parts. There are also a few fun quirks thrown in like the ability to play your MP3’s as 8-bit tunes.

The technical specs for the DSi are as follows as taken from Wikipedia:

  • CPUs: Two ARM processors. The main processor is an ARM9 clocked at 132MHz, a significant upgrade from the original 67MHz ARM9 processor that was in the DS and DS Lite. The co-processor is the same as the previous generations, a 33MHz ARM7 processor.
  • RAM: 16 MB of RAM (four times more than previous models)
  • Storage: 256 MB of internal Flash memory[30]
  • Wireless: 802.11 internal wireless connectivity

So love it or hate it, the DSi is coming to American shores before summer gets here. I’d love to own one, but not enough to cut out things like paying bills, or scrimping by without eating out. The siren song of my inner fangirl will break through one day and force me to shell out money for this spiffy new upgrade. Eventually Nintendo, eventually.

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