Majesty 2 Screenshots and Gameplay

majesty_2_logo1Paradox Interactive released new screens and video gameplay of their sequel to the 2000 RTS.

Majesty 2 retains the tongue in cheek humor of its predecessor, giving the player indirect control over their realm. Where as most fantasy games give the player direct power over slaying monsters and looting abandoned temples, Majesty 2 puts you in the seat of the Realm Protector/King/what have you.

So the town is being overrun by trolls and thieves and your city guard is nothing but a red shirt army designed to die. What’s a ruler to do? You can’t very well kill these monsters on your own. Let’s hire heroes!

Heroes don’t always live up to expectations though. They’re just as likely to go on a shopping spree as destroy the den of goblins just outside town. Your job, as the Realm Protector is to create a setting that keeps the Heroes happy and your town safe. Building inns,  trading posts to bring exotic supplies, guild houses for the various Hero factions, etc. In return, if you’re lucky, the grateful Heroes will keep your castle from being destroyed.

Screenshots and video can be seen at the link above. Check it out!

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